Monday, March 24, 2008

Consequences of Things as Usual

I will be publishing only on Monday for the next couple of months. Corporate Greed, Excessive CEO Pay, and Corporate Loopholes seriously affect Joe Citizen. The world is changing as Washington DC and Wall Street slowly recognize that “Houston, we have a problem!” False prophets arise in the darkness proclaiming, “Lower Interest Rates, Bailout the Financial institutions from their ills and all will be well!”

The United States is suffering from Structural Dislocations. Tax Rebates, Lower Fed Funds Rates and other stimulus packages will do little more than slow the decline while boosting up foreign economies supplying the US. All this will come at the expense of our children who will be left holding the bag. The US government is acting like the homeowner who bought too much house for their earning capacity and then refinanced every year leveraging up each time. At a certain point the bubble bursts and the faux earnings come out of the system leaving the homeowner upside down in his house. This is where we are with the US economy. We continue to spend our nation’s equity without increasing our productive capabilities. The result is always bad.

In some areas the decline is breathtaking while other areas still do not show the perilous times ahead of us. When the US dollar traded at 1.44 Euro I said it would go to 1.75 Euro. I believed that to happen over the next year not the next 30 days. Continuing Unemployment Claims are at historically high levels as the Labor Department says that we will not see the 20% unemployment of the 1930s. I suggest we are well past that level when calculated with the same formula used in the 1930s not the faux calculations imparted after the beginning of Reaganomics.

Eliot Spitzer has been shown for what he is: a corrupt public servant that used his office for his own personal gain. Corruption is the only result that can come from collusion between unscrupulous business executives and lying politicians.

Bear Stearns, the financial institution, has to be bailed out by JP Morgan. JP Morgan will only do the deal if the Federal Reserve guarantees their investment. Yes your tax dollars are going to buy out Bear Stearns. All this while the government is trying to unilaterally reduce Social Security Benefits for which you paid your entire working life. This is just the latest example of why legislation must be passed to limit CEO pay. The CEO of Bear Stearns has received more compensation in the last five years than the entire net worth of the company!

Our politicians continue to squawk about the war in IRAQ, tax cuts, buying entire neighborhoods, relaxing regulations to allow companies to employ more unethical and illegal practices instead of looking at the real problem: The United States no longer produces a reasonable portion of its internal consumption.

Washington must go cold turkey. They must break all ties with business and lobbies. They must take a hard look at our economy, our culture, and our nation and create a framework in which hard work is valued and entrepreneurs can actually create businesses and not Ponzy Schemes. They must allow Americans to have hope for a better tomorrow for themselves and their children.

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